I need an invoice to declare the costs?

Peerwith connects experts. We connect you (the client) with the expert directly. Peerwith facilitates the transaction, but it is the expert that provides the service to you. Therefore, if you need an invoice, ask the invoice from them first. The expert should be able to provide you with an invoice for the service they provide. See also this FAQ.

If you need an institutional invoice, please consider our Institutional Solutions.

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    Adechian Djabar

    L'expert qui m'a fait la traduction de mon article ma demander de vous contacter pour la facture. Voici les informations pour la facture. Merci.
    Doit: AFRISTAT Bamako-Mali
    Objet: Traduction de l'article: Indice de perception sur la gouvernance, paix et sécurité: aspects méthodologiques et application en zone UEMOA.
    Coût: 270$

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    Respected Sir,

    My Manuscript was proof read by Mr. James Hurst and completed on 23rd Nov 2020. Below is the request sent to the expert more than 3 times requesting for invoice but no response yet.

    Thanks for doing the language editing of my Manuscript which definitely believe adds more value for the Manuscript. Request you to kindly share the invoice for the payment done as in the Peerwith support, it says invoice has to be requested from the expert who has worked on the manuscript. Request you to kindly help with the invoice.

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