Escalation procedure

When the expert delivers the work, but the client doesn't want to accept it, we always request both parties to find a solution together before escalating it. However, if escalation is necessary, Peerwith can play a role, but only as the in-between party trying to find a solution that both parties can agree upon.

The escalation procedure works following the next steps.

  1. We will check to see what terms of service are agreed upon. If unclear, Peerwith with define them based on best practices from the marketplace.
  2. Peerwith will ask the client what they think is still needed on the expert side to change or do, before they can accept the work. This needs to be clearly defined.
  3. If the client doesn't want the connected expert to do these last tasks, Peerwith will find another expert to do them.
  4. Then the expert will perform the tasks defined and deliver the work (again). Peerwith will ask the client to check if all tasks are done.

Doing business in an open, transparent model like Peerwith, requires a professional approach on both the client and expert side. Peerwith does offer a money-back guarantee, but we kindly ask the client to give us (not necessarily the expert) at least the opportunity to deliver the work. Applying for money back guarantee doesn't work if you are just "unhappy" with the result. If the expert delivers the work according to the terms of service, they are entitled to at least (part of) the payout, that is only fair.

If both parties continue to disagree, we will ask both parties to agree on a fair fee for the work that has been delivered, and then we will refund the difference.

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    Abhilasha Meena

    Dear Peerwith team,

    My task is not been fulfilled..
    inspite of gentle reminders.. a highly unprofessional behaviour was portrayed..
    The one editing kept asking for more time.. and I was considerate enough to acknowledhe the same.. however, it’s still not fulfilled..

    kindly help me with this as soon as possible..

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