Tips for quoting in editing services

At Peerwith, we encourage every expert to provide their potential clients with a customized quote. 

When a client posts a service request, you can ask for the information you need to offer a quote. In the case of editing services: this could be a sample document, the word count, the clients deadline etc. The initiative is now with you; offer your quote. 

Please note: the quote you offer should be for the entire assignment and can't be posted per word, page or hour. Otherwise it won't be possible for the client to accept and pay for your quote and the entire work. Moreover, our quotation system includes the Peerwith service charge added to every assignment. So if you don't want to surprise your client with a higher price for your work, we recommend using the quotation tool provided on the website. 

So every quote depends on many factors. In the case of editing services, it depends on the quality of the client's work, the level of English, the word count, the deadline and the client's expectations. Thus, both the expert and the client have the option to request documents and exchange texts and attachments via the dashboard.

Although the following may appear obvious, here are examples of questions worth considering before providing a quote (and thereby signalling your willingness to take up an assignment): Are the client’s expectations and requirements clear (e.g., formatting according to journal guidelines, re-writing of a particular section, editing style, need for extensive language editing)? Has the assignment deadline been clearly stated? Are you willing to revise the text multiple times (e.g., re-assess the client’s final edit), and if yes, will you expect to be remunerated for these additional revisions? Are you clear on the size (word-count) of the assignment? Would any conflicts of interest prevent you from objectively approaching the assignment? This list is incomplete and will be assignment-specific.

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