Tips for the conversation

After you have requested a service, you enter into a conversation with potential service providers and will eventually pick one of them and connect. Here are some tips for the conversation:

  • Use the message box at the top to send messages or share files. Note that new messages show at the top, older messages will show below. In any case, the message box will remain visible at the top. 
  • In the message box, you have the option to select who you wish to send a message to or share a file with. You can either send a message to all users or to one specific user.  
  • Share relevant files with all users, so every new user joining the conversation is able to open the file. Also additional information about your request can be sent as a message to all users, so everybody is updated about your request without having to ask you individually. 
  • If you have received quotes and you are looking to view all of them to compare; use the top-right button to filter for quotes only. 
  • You can see the profiles of users by clicking the profile image. 
  • You will receive email notification when there is a new message and/or quote in the conversation. Come back to Peerwith, log in and open the conversation.
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    Cynthia Lee

    why there is nothing i can find in my dashboard after my payment?

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