I need an invoice, who can I ask for it?

The Peerwith user who is offering a service, is the service provider, often refered to as the expert. The Peerwith user who is requesting a service, is the client. Peerwith just provides the platform.

The service provider provides a service to the client and therefore the service provider is obliged to send an invoice to the client.

If you need an invoice, reach out to the expert providing you the service. If they do not want or cannot provide the invoice, contact us by the help button on the right side and we will be glad to assist you in getting the invoice.

If the invoice provided by the expert is not "good enough", we can assist and consolidate the billing process on your behalf. We offer this specifically for institutions or corporates.

Also read this article: I have an invoice, but it is not good enough, what now?

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    Elaine Cristina Pereira

    I need the Invoice on behalf of the company for payment and the expert does not have it. Peerwith can you send me?

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