I have to complete my profile, what does that mean?

In general, we require users to register with an external account like their Google or Mendeley account. However, as part of the process of requesting a service, the sign up step, we also allow to proceed with just a name and email address. We consider this an incomplete profile as it is not validated and linked to a Google or Mendeley account.

You received an email including the request to "complete your profile". This means that when you want to log in to your Peerwith account, you will have to do so with an existing Google or Mendeley account for the exact same email address. Doing that will complete your profile. This is how that works:

  • Assume that you have requested a service for somebody@somewhere.com.
  • Now go to Google account signup and choose "I would like to use my existing email address". Or sign up for a free account at Mendeley. Use also somebody@somewhere.com and follow the sign up process.
  • Last step, come back to Peerwith and log in with this new Google or Mendeley account.




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