What is your "secure environment"?

When you request a service as a client, or join a conversation as an expert, you will end up in an environment that can be used to exchange messages, documents, files and quotes. That is what we call the "conversation". The client that requests a service starts the conversation, experts that offer their services might join and eventually the client and one or more experts are all participants in a conversation.

The conversation environment is secure. It means no other users can enter the environment, see messages or download the documents and files. Only the participants can! So if you upload a file, only the users that you intend, can download the file.

When putting in a message, or uploading a file, you as the client can choose to send it to one specific expert or to all participants. If you pick one, all other participants do not have access to the message and/or file.

When putting in a message, or uploading a file, select all participants and all current and new participants in the conversation will have access to it. But none of the other users on Peerwith will.

Note: when requesting a service, we ask you to keep any uploads until you end up in the conversation screen, where you can safely upload your files.

The conversation environment is secure.

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