Tip: Make sure you have completed your profile

When offering your services via Peerwith, your profile will be visible for (potential) clients on our platform and via your expert page on http://peerwith.expert/. Please make sure you complete your profile:

  • Select the subject areas that match your expertise.
  • Offer your services in relevant categories.
  • Enter a URL to your professional profile on Mendeley, Researchgate or any other (external) website for credentials. 
  • Write a short "about me" text, that includes all the relevant information about you and the services you are offering.
  • Make your profile more personal with a profile picture, so clients can see who they are working with. 

You can add a photo to your profile by uploading it to your Google (Gmail) or Mendeley account. It will automatically feature on your Peerwith account.

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