What do you mean with Peerwith being transparent?

Peerwith represents the experts up until the moment of connection. This means that we don't offer the researcher services ourselves, but clients can find the experts directly on the Peerwith platform.  What we do offer is the following: 


Being visible for the clients and being in direct contact with the clients is what we mean with transparency. At Peerwith, there simply aren't any middle-men involved. Peerwith provides the means for a good and efficient cooperation between the client and the expert. 

Not a commercial middleman 

At Peerwith, the experts are not hiding behind a commercial wall. We encourage experts to get in direct contact with clients in order to improve the quality of the work, but also to keep a competitive pricing strategy. Because at Peerwith, the client pays the expert directly. 

Expand your network with your profile

Your profile is your ticket to the world! By filling out your complete Peerwith profile, you can distinguish yourself and attract even more interesting and rewarding work. After each assignment, you can earn rewarding reviews, which will positively add to your credentials. So, make maximum use of the Peerwith platform and expand your network throughout the world.



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