Why should I choose Peerwith for my academic work?

Peerwith is a platform for expert-led researcher services, matching academics seeking support for their work with experts who can help out with language editing and translation, format and design, consulting, or whatever else scientists need.

Direct contact

At Peerwith experts work directly with the client, without a middleman, contact centre or customer service agent. We believe being in direct contact will only improve the quality of the work for the client, and will make the job more rewarding for the service provider. 

Mediation and support

The Peerwith team is here for support between the two parties. We match clients and experts based on the subject area, the clients' expectations and the service providers' expertise. It is therefore vital to have all conversation through the Peerwith website so we can mediate in case of any disputes.

Safe and convenient payment

We also provide a safe payment method with our Paypal system (or alternatives). After the client has made his/her payment, the expert will start working on the assignment. Meanwhile the money is safely stored on a Peerwith suspense account and will be released to the expert as soon as the work is considered complete by the client.  

Building an international network

At Peerwith you can build a professional network as well as a profile to offer your services on the market. After every service request you will receive a customer review which will add to your credentials. 


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