How much is the service fee?

A service fee applies to all transactions on the platform, but that will be included in the quote you, as a client, receive from the expert through the platform. So if you receive a quote for amount X, that is all you will pay. It includes both the expert fee and our service fee.

The service fee varies between 12 and 25 percent. Whilst putting in a quote to a client we include our service fee, at which moment you can see the exact percentage.

Different business rules apply which determine the exact percentage:

  1. If a request originates in a partner Branded marketplace, the default percentage is 12%.
  2. On, the default percentage is 20%.
  3. For certain categories that we are developing, the fee is set to 12%.
  4. Any recurring business requests with a client that has previously connected to that same expert, the fee percentage is always 12%.
  5. And the same for requests that originate on the Peerwith.Expert pages, which we call a "direct request". The service fee is only 12%.
  6. Finally, in pre-selected expert scenario's, the service fee increases to 25%.

Note that while preparing your quote, the percentage and business rule for the percentage is clearly visible. If this raises questions, contact us.

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