Setting up a safe account

You probably have an existing company or institutional email address that you want to use for Peerwith. That is possible. It is just a few steps to take.

  1. Go to the signup page for Google accounts here:
  2. The form pre-fills the username with, but that is optional. Note the little link below that field "I rather use my existing email address". Click that and enter your existing email address.
  3. Now sign up for a Google account. It is already very safe, but Google also offers two-factor authentication options, if you require that.
  4. You will have to email-verify the account. Once it is setup and validated, come to
  5. Click "log in" top right. Now pick Google and log in with the Google account, linked to your existing email address, that you have just setup.

And you are done! You have now created a Peerwith account linked to your existing company or institutional email address and Google provides the authentication mechanism and ensures your account is safe. Note that we don't store any personal details from you as an user, that is also in the Google account. Exception is of course your name, email address and the info you enter into your Peerwith profile itself.

Note: other authentication providers we offer, like LinkedIn, ORCID and Mendeley, simply accept your company / institutional email address. Only for Google, you will have to switch from using the default following the above procedure.

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