Do's and Don'ts


Add a link to your personal LinkedIn or Researchgate profile 

Make full use or your Peerwith profile by adding a link to your personal profile on LinkedIn or ResearchGate. This allows clients to investigate their preferred expert even further and make a well informed decision for their task. 

Make sure to have all communication through the Peerwith platform

Peerwith encourages to have all communication through the Peerwith system, so we can mediate in case of any disputes

Provide a quote for the entire task

After gathering all information you need from the client, you can provide the client with a customised and personalised quote by using the quotation tool on the website. It is not recommended to communicate a price per word, page or hour. This is to prevent any miscommunication about the final price. We recommend using the quotation tool on the website when communicating your price to the client which includes the Peerwith service charge as well. 



Add a link to your commercial website OR 

Add an email address/contact details in your messages to clients

Peerwith is a platform where academics and service providers can find each other and work together under safe conditions in an interface we provide. We allow our users the option to communicate and exchange documents in all formats without any restrictions or obligations, which is a great mutual opportunity we would like to maintain. To enable this, we trust our service providers to work via the Peerwith platform, instead of directing the clients to an external website or email address.

Impolite behavior

Peerwith is an open, transparent platform. We connect clients & experts directly. Be respectfull in your communication. Other users might not be as experienced as you, or simply unaware of common behavior on a platform like Peerwith. We cannot prevent any impolite behavior from our users, so we ask you, if confronted with it, please contact us and ignore that person.

Unethical requests

We have a strict rule against unethical requests like ghost writing, plagiarism, etc. If you see this in a service request or conversation, tell us! And we will close the request immediately. We suggest you simply don't ask for it in your requests.



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    Carville G. Bevans, Ph.D.

    Why not suggest that experts (service providers) interact directly with potential clients over a videotelephony service (e.g., Skype or possibly an embedded/piggybacked teleconferencing service directly embeded in or linked to from the Peerwith site) at the initial stage of assessing what a new project entails? I've found this to be extremely time-efficient with my own (previous) long-time clients and have recently begun using either face-to-face or videotelephony meetings (when they're too far away to meet in person) to clarify project requirements/expectations between myself and my clients before we firm-up our business agreements and launch new projects. This mode of rapid, interactive negotiation shields me from having to say "no-go!" when I finally receive a manuscript after a lot of negotiation about timetable and price and see that it is, for example, so poorly organized or is so lacking important results that I have to decline to accept the project.

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    Hi Carville, thanks for you suggestion. That would indeed be great. What do you think Skype is the best option? The problem with video conferencing is that it would always require something "installed" on your computer. Have to think about that.

    Also, I didn't expect our users to use this commenting function to suggest features! Thanks for the eye-opener. I immediately opened a new section in our support to cover this and also tell more about our roadmap. See

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