As an expert, how do I receive payment?

Once the client has flagged the service as being accepted, the pay out process starts. Note: Peerwith keeps the money in our account until then, but we are legally required to pay you out within 5 business days after completion of the job, which is the moment the client accepts your delivery.

We will probably reach out to you to get some more details, like we need your address and understand the legal entity we are dealing with. We usually pay out in batches, twice per week. The amount we pay out is the full fee for the service, paid by the client, minus our service fee.

We prefer to pay out to a Paypal account, so we will ask you to provide your Paypal email address. We will simply "send money" via Paypal to you.

We have two alternatives:

1) If you have a bank account in a country inside the European Union or another SEPA country, you also have a IBAN. Provide that to us and we will do a regular bank transfer. It will be in euros, not US dollar, but still because of this being a SEPA-transfer it is free of charge and the cheapest option. 

2) There are several providers out there like Transferwise or Payoneer that you can use to setup your own SEPA (=euro) bank account. They provide a so called "borderless" account which in practice means they provide a SEPA based IBAN. That works for Peerwith as well.



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