Why do I pay VAT?

We invoice the service fee and our (Dutch) tax laws require us to add VAT when applicable. Note that we only add VAT if it applies and only over the service fee amount, not the full amount.

So when is VAT applicable?

  • When you work outside the European Union, it is not.
  • When you work in The Netherlands, it is. If you are a company, you can, however, always get back the VAT that you pay to us.
  • When you work in the EU, outside The Netherlands, and you are VAT-registered, please provide us the number, and we will "reverse" the VAT. Note that it means that you will have to declare it on your side.
  • If you are not VAT-registered in an EU country (non-NL), the Dutch VAT is applicable. It means that it will be deducted from the amount in the pay-out process.
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