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Peerwith is an online marketplace for researcher services, matching academics seeking support for their work, with experts who can help with language services, visuals, consulting, or anything else that scientists need. Why should I choose Peerwith

  • Signing up to the Peerwith platform enables you to find experts in your subject area who can help you take your academic work to the next level. It is free and without any obligations. You can register either with a Google (G-Mail), LinkedIn, ORCID or a Mendeley account. Please use an email account you regularly check, to ensure you receive notifications when experts have a message or offer for you or when your action is required. How do I sign up without a Google or Mendeley account
  • We encourage our users to complete their full profile, including a clear profile picture, for the best results for both clients and service providers. At Peerwith, we believe a personal and customized approach is essential for the quality and mutual satisfaction of the collaboration. You can also add a link to your LinkedIn or ResearchGate profile to show your publications and other information. We ask you to always communicate through the Peerwith website which guarantuees a secure environment and assistance from the Peerwith team if needed. Why do I have to complete my profile?
  • The more information available, the more customized the proposals from experts will be, ensuring you will the exact support you need. Only registered users can communicate with the experts who have provided you their customized quote or have responded to your request. How to get good quotes
  • Describe your assignment as detailed as you can so that the experts can provide you with a quote matching your situation. For example: If you request a service in scientific editing make sure to mention your subject expertise, the word count, your deadline, your level of English and the purpose of your assignment. It’s always best to attach a sample of your document to the request. That way, the editors can get an idea for the size of your document and your writing style, and estimate how much time they will need for the job. How about my privacy as a client?
  • Peerwith is a platform and not a service provider. This enables you and the service provider to determine the conditions (such as deadline, mutual expectations and price) together. If you can’t agree with one service provider, you can simply contact another one. It’s as simple and flexible as that! How can I check the trustworthiness of an expert?
  • Receive a quote within 24 hours: Usually experts respond to open service requests within 24 hours and Peerwith is here to assist you in finding the right expert for your task. Because we don’t want to overwhelm you, we only allow a certain number of experts to respond. If you haven’t received a reply from the (subject) expert you had in mind, you can always contact us to invite more experts to respond to your request. We are here to assist you in every step of the process until you have found the service provider you need for best results.
  • Follow who has responded to your request: You can always see who has responded by getting back to your dashboard and opening your current service request. Here you can find your requests and in your archive every other request you have registered with Peerwith. You can also find your transactions and profile here. Tips for the conversation

Your status is now ‘OPEN’: After completing your request, the status of your request is OPEN. This means you are still deciding on which service provider to choose. Note, quotes do expire as experts have the liberty to respond to other requests, so don’t wait too long in securing your preferred expert for your task. Have you already found an expert for this assignment or do you need more time to decide? Please tell us too, so we can inform the experts out of courtesy and close/hide your current request. We are always curious to hear about your experience with Peerwith as we are constantly improving our service.  

  • Get a customized quote and choose your preferred expert. After you have agreed on specific terms and conditions with a service provider and you have discussed mutual expectations, you can accept his/her quote by clicking on the ‘accept’ button in your communication screen. Why doesn't Peerwith provide a price list?

Your status has now changed to ‘CONNECTED’

  • Pay by using our secure PayPal system: After accepting a request, you are directed to our secure PayPal payment environment. The service provider will start working on your assignment as soon as your payment has been received. Meanwhile your payment is safely stored in a Peerwith suspense account and will be released to the expert as soon as the work is considered complete by you (the client). Who do I pay to? I need an invoice
  • The work can begin! Now the service provider will start working for you. You can keep in touch with the expert at any time during this process in case you (or they) have additional questions or notes. Because you are in direct contact with the person carrying out the task, you have full control over the quality of the end result at any time during the process.
  • Experts flags the work as 'DELIVERED': The expert will do this once they have done their work and delivered the final work to you. Then they have the option to set it as 'DELIVERED', which pretty much means they want you, as the client, to respond and set the work as completed.
  • Set the work as ‘ACCEPTED’: After the work has been delivered back to you and you are fully satisfied with the results, you can now visit your dashboard and set the work as ‘ACCEPTED’. Make sure to do this soon after receiving the work, because only then we will arrange the payment to your service provider. After the expert has been paid out, you won’t be able to communicate any more, therefore it is vital to express any questions or doubts you have about the work to your service provider before setting the request as accepted. What if I am not satisfied?

Your status has now changed to ‘COMPLETED’

  • Rate the expert This will enable other clients to make a better and well informed decision for their academic assignment and it will help the expert in receiving more rewarding work through our Peerwith platform. As a client, you can receive and/or request a rating from the expert too.
  • Any questions? We provide a list of answers in our FAQ’s by clicking on the ‘support’ button on the website. Is your question not answered there? Feel free to contact us at any time by using the ‘?HELP’ button or by emailing our team at


The Peerwith team

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    sana shafi

    Excuse me to ask this question but
    How can you ensure that the editor does not abuse my article information? and plagiarism is not done?

  • Avatar

    Hello Sana, good question. Two answers:
    1) We have a strict rule against unethical requests and behavior, see
    2) Peerwith is a platform. Experts active on the platform are self-employed and real professionals in author / researcher services. We believe in transparency of the peer-to-peer model. We can't rule out the type of behavior you imply, but on top of the strict rules (see 1) experts are quickly filtered due to the transparency.

    Peerwith Team

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    excuse me, how can we get invoice after deal

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    excuse me, I need an invoice after deal

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