When do I get paid?

During the work you, as the expert, can continue the conversation with the client via the Peerwith system. You can send messages and share files. We encourage you to put everything in the system, so it gets archived properly. We do understand that you might want to use alternative tools and that is fine.

The next step in the process is taken by the client, they can set the work as "accepted". This is an option in their (conversation) screen. We expect the client to do so after the expert has "delivered" the work and client is satisfied with the result.

An in-between step is for the expert to flag the work as being "delivered". This is an option in their conversation screen. This works like a notification to the client, like "I consider this delivered, are you satisfied, then please set as "accepted".

The payout process starts after the work is set as completed. The notification emails that are sent out in this step, contain all the information you need.

Note: we pay out in batches, usually twice per week. So the process might take a couple of days.

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