How to deal with VAT

The "prepare a quote" dialog allows you to add VAT to your quote. It will display the country associated with you and the country associated with your client.

Do I have to add VAT?

That depends on your situation and the two countries. You will have to check your local VAT rules. After all, it is you as an expert to provide service to the client and therefore also you who has to deal with VAT. In general, these are some basic rules, but you do have to check yourself.

  • If you are working as a sole trader, not as a VAT registered company, you probably do not have to add VAT to your quote.
  • If your client is from the same country as you are, you probably do have to add VAT.
  • If your client is from the EU, you are also, you have to add VAT unless you are going to revert VAT to them.
  • If your client is from a different country and one of you is from outside the European Union, in general you don't have to add VAT.

Peerwith takes no responsibility for these rules to be complete. You will have to check with your local tax authority.

How do I apply VAT?

In the "prepare a quote" dialog, add the VAT percentage. The system will then calculate the value and add it to the quote automatically.

If you need our help with this, please open a support ticket and we are happy to assist you in this.

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