Instructions for requesting scientific editing

During scientific editing, your text will be revised with respect to the language (e.g., grammar, usage of words, clarity) and to enhance the logic flow and the soundness of sc. Your work will be assessed by an expert in the field, who will be able to comment on the strength and/or validity of your arguments, point out any weaknesses in the logic flow, suggest ways to strengthen your manuscript or grant proposal, and point out any apparent lapses in reasoning. Of course, ultimately, this is your text and it will be up to you which comments and revisions to incorporate in the final draft.

Pick your scientific editor carefully. Ideally, the scientific editor should have a background similar to yours so that they are able to assess and comment on the scientific merit of your work. However, in some cases, you may feel that your text would benefit from a perspective of someone who is removed from your field of expertise. For example, if you are a computer modeller and are planning to submit a grant proposal to a test your hypotheses in a biological system, you may want to have your draft application commented on by a biologist, etc. 

The most important thing to consider before requesting scientific editing would be the specific purpose of scientific editing that you are interested in. Do you want to find an expert in your own field to assess the validity of your arguments based on the currently available data? Are you seeking an opinion of an expert in a field different to yours to comment on the feasibility of your ideas or the presentation of your

When writing the instructions for your request, you should mention the length of the text (words, inclusive of all the sections that you want edited, e.g., tables and figures) and any additional requirements (e.g., ascertaining the appropriateness of the cited literature). Since scientific editing includes language editing, you should be specific as to the extent of language editing that you feel your text will require. This list is incomplete and will be assignment-specific.

Once you are connected, discuss the following with your expert. You may want to discuss the editing style and any further requirements. Do you want the expert to pay special attention to one section of the text, leaving another section intact? Are there any particular word limitations that the expert should keep in mind? Is there a particular idea that you want to emphasise in the text? All these, and others, will be assignment-specific and they should be discussed before the editing begins to (1) maximise the chances of your satisfaction with the edit, and (2) prevent the expert from re-editing an assignment multiple times.




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