Instructions for requesting language editing

When you request service in the category language editing, you should consider and describe the amount of editing that you expect is required. This may be dictated by your own language skills and can be partially gleaned from the level of English that you describe in your advertisement (e.g., basic, intermediate, advanced). You may also consider whether you wish for the editor to retain your own writing style (‘light’ editing) or go ahead and rephrase the text while retaining the meaning (‘heavy’ editing). You should be precise when mentioning the length of the assignment (number of words, inclusive of all sections that you want edited, e.g., tables and figures) and any additional requirements (e.g., formatting to follow the style of a particular target jou, ‘heavy’ or ‘light’ editing).

After making the connection and before the editing begins, you may want to discuss the editing style and any further requirements. For example, do you want the editor to pay special attention to one section of the text, leaving another section intact? Are there any particular word limitations that the editor should keep in mind? Is there a particular journal that you are considering submitting your manuscript to? This list is incomplete and will be assignment-specific.

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