You offer only Paypal, but it is not supported here, what now?

The Paypal system that we use for payments is the largest solution provider for payments worldwide. We know however about few countries where it will simply not work:

  • Turkey
  • Pakistan
  • Lebanon

We have no confirmation about Paypal not working in other countries at the moment. We know about several other countries where it is not possible to create a Paypal account, but that is something else. You don't need a Paypal account to make a payment via Paypal. When you hit the payment button in Peerwith, you will be redirected to Paypal. Now look a bit lower on the page, there is an option "I don't have a Paypal account". Click that and this Paypal "guest" option will provide you the option to pay using any major creditcard, which will work and confirmed to be working countries like Iran, Iraq, African countries and Asia.

If also the Paypal guest option fails to work, because it is blocked, please contact us so we can discuss alternative payment methods. That includes:

  1. Using Transferwise borderless account.
  2. Or do a regular bank transfer.
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