Can I get a discount?

Please note there is a difference between Peerwith discount and expert discount.

Peerwith is the platform provider. We provide discount (codes) for marketing purposes which only apply on the full amount that you first negotiate with the expert directly. Peerwith cannot provide discount on the actual service, because we don't provide the service in the first place.

The experts active on Peerwith might also be very willing to give you a discount, but you will have to negotiate with them directly. The expert might not be aware of any discount (codes) that you have from Peerwith, so be aware.

You negotiate the terms of service, including the price, with the expert directly. Peerwith does not play a role in that. Once you negotiated the full amount (including expert discount), Peerwith comes into play for the actual financial transaction ("payment). That is where the Peerwith discount applies.

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