What is included in a standard review request?

Get an early Go/No Go Advice from experienced authors and editors: Peer review at academic journals can take several months. And then, sometimes, your paper can be rejected for easily-avoidable reasons. At Peerwith, you can find an expert who can check your paper before submission, so you know what is needed to get published. Experts with a background in your field of study can also suggest journals that are the best fit for your paper.

Read Tatiana’s Testimonial to learn how this service has helped her to get published or this Case Study to get the full details on the process.

A standard review request gets you answers to two major questions:

  1. What is needed to get it published?
  2. What would be the best journal to submit it to?

Post your Manuscript review request on Peerwith and ask for the standard review. Experts will respond to you. Pick the best expert for the job and connect! The expert will then return a report like attached to this article.

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