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Peerwith supports researchers with expert-led researcher services; helping researchers meet the publication standards of high impact factor journals by raising the quality of their scientific work. With the launch of Peerwith Institutional Solutions we are offering  institutions access to thousands of international academic experts via a simple institutional payment plan.

Signing up to Institutional Solutions will:

  • Give researchers at your institution the right support to improve the quality of their scientific work
  • Increase your institution’s publication output and scientific impact
  • Minimize your administrative costs with a centralised billing service

Here’s how it works…

  • Researchers at your institution log in to our Peerwith platform, post a service request and select a quote from their
    preferred expert
  • If their account is linked to your institution the quote is sent for approval to your institutional administrator
  • When approved, the expert picks up the request keeping in direct communication with the researcher as the work is carried out
  • When the researcher confirms the work has been delivered Peerwith pays the expert

Experts on Peerwith are rated on average 4.92 out of 5 and researchers love our transparent peer-2-peer marketplace model. By signing up to our Peerwith Institutional Solutions package you are giving researchers at your institution access to the smartest platform for researcher services.

Interested in learning more about Peerwith Institutional Solutions? Visit:

Researchers can now link their Peerwith account to their institution

Maybe you are already familiar with Peerwith’s high-quality researcher services but what about co-workers at your institution? If colleagues are aspiring to publish in high-impact factor journals and could benefit from our expert-led researcher services, you can support them by starting a Peerwith institutional network.

How do I start?


Linking your Peerwith account to your institution

  • A landing page for your institution will be automatically set up

Example of a Peerwith Institutional Solutions landing page for Audencia Nantes School of Management

  •  You can now start networking; share the link to your institution’s landing page in emails, newsletters and on your intranet, or
    send referrals to individual colleagues using the “Invite other user” option

Contact us today to receive promotion material and tips and suggestions for Peerwith Institutional Solutions and promoting your institutional landing page.



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