How to request your profile data?

According to General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) each user needs to be able to request their profile data. First of all, this is the profile data we have from you:

  1. We use external authentication only, so we store a reference to your Google/LinkedIn/Mendeley/ORCID account as a technical identifier, which does not contain any reference to the authentication account. We don't store your password, never.
  2. We store basic profile data like your email address, name, academic status, keywords, profile link, etc.
  3. When you decide to offer your services (=become an expert), we store all the information for your Peerwith Expert Page, like subjects, about-me text, etc.
  4. And only once you fill that out, we will store Transaction information, such as your full address and Paypal username. We don't store any other information like your bank account number, unless you type it into a field that is not supposed to contain that data.

If you want to request all your profile data that we store and have access to, simply submit a ticket here, mention your name and request the data. We will promptly return an email with the collection of all the data we have.

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