What are your plans?

We will be looking to accelerate growth in Institutional Solutions if we close the crowdfunding round. Key feature is the Partner Cockpit. We already launched a development program for it. Read more about it here: http://blog.peerwith.com/launch-development-program-institutional-cockpit-looking-partners/

We will also continu to sell solutions to both Institutions and Publishers. We have recently updated the solution package. Read about it here: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/peerwith-publisher-institutional-solutions-taking-our-ivo-verbeek/

And finally, a substantial part of the funds will be used for product development. Find here the roadmap after crowdfunding: http://blog.peerwith.com/roadmap-crowdfunding-campaign/

More specific details will be shared of course in the business case on the crowdfunding platform. This is just some highlights.

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