What is the return on investment?

We have a concrete deal for users of the Peerwith platform, described here: http://blog.peerwith.com/details-crowdfunding-campaign/. The 12% discount could be an “easy” return on investment for regular users of the platform, either on the client-side or expert-side. 

But lets look at this from a investor perspective. Obviously, during the campaign we will share a financial business case. The goal of that business case is to become a profitable business by end of 2019 and our ambition is to become a dominant marketplace by 2020 or further.

So there is a financial benefit. Once we make a profit as a business, we will pay out 75% in dividend to shareholders. That is laid down in the Shareholder Agreement. Obviously, while we grow this might be lower, but on the long run, that is our goal.

Also the Peerwith business has a clear exit-scenario and a strong team that has experience with multiple succesfull exits in the past. So if you believe in the Peerwith model and (like us) you believe our peer-to-peer model will eventually win over the market in researcher services, the most obvious benefit is simply a financial benefit either in dividend payments or an exit in the future.

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