Can I make a direct invesment?

In certain situations, we also take "direct investments", which means: not through the Eureeca platform. This has two disadvantages, also for the investor:

  1. A direct investment means you transfer funds directly to Peerwith and not through an escrow account controlled by a third party (Eureeca).
  2. A direct investment will not be reflected in the main crowdfunding platform, both in your Dashboard or on the generic Dashboard.

Therefore, this kind of investment requires more "trust" and we will only allow this for investors that we know, for example active users / experts on the platform.

The direct investment option is applicable for situations where the investor cannot, or doesn't want to use the Eureeca platform, most obvious case is where you are from the United States or Thailand.

How to proceed? Start with sending us an email at and we will share the details.

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