Pricing in Language editing

The pricing for Expert Language editing is fixed. If you post a request in the Language editing category, you will receive quotes from experts, but they should be along these lines as well.

Pricing is set per word. So take the number of words in your document, multiply by the price-per-word and that is your (expected) quote.

The price-per-word depends on your priority:

  • If you have limited budget, expect a price of 2 cent USD per word, most likely provided by a non-native speaker, still very much qualified to do a great job.
  • If you request native English expert, the price goes up to 3 cent USD per word.
  • If you require specific subject expertise, expect to pay 4 cent USD per word.
  • And finally, if quick turnaround is your priority, experts may have to change their planning and/or work evening hours or weekends, so the price goes up to 5 cent USD per word.


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