Why do you use Machine Translation?

No translator works without some sort of computer assistance nowadays. If the translator tells you they do not use Machine Translation (MT), they are probably overcharging.

Modern MT engines are based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and this technology has greatly improved the MT field and changed the translation business dramatically. Forget what you know or think you know, try Google Translate and be impressed! And that is not even the best MT engine out there on the market.

At this moment, we offer Machine Translation from Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, German, French and Russian into English FOR FREE. That’s pretty cost-effective, we think. Just send your manuscript by email to full-service@peerwith.com and we will return an English version within 24 hours. No questions asked.

Now is the quality of that English manuscript sufficient to get published in an international impact journal? Without human assistance, not by a long shot! So you would still need to find yourself an Expert that can edit your manuscript, improve the quality and submit that version. We call that post-editing. 

So the Translation service on Peerwith is much like any other service provider would offer - and not tell you ! - Machine-Translation-Post-Editing (MTPE). That is the new standard. Difference is, MT is free and you will actually pay for the post-editing, which is comparable to standard Language editing.

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