What is included in the Premium publication support service package?

The Premium publication support service package is an unique full-service offering through Peerwith. The service package includes:


Step 1: translation
We offer (machine) translation from Spanish, Portuguese, German, Dutch, French, Italian, Polish, Russian into English. Just send the manuscript to full-service@peerwith.com and we will return the English version within 24-hours, no questions asked.

Step 2: manuscript review / journal guidance
An expert will pre-asses your manuscript and suggest a list of maximum five journals (*) that would be a good fit for your manuscript. 

Step 3: scientific editing / manuscript writing support
Depending on recommendations in the previous step, the third step includes scientific editing and/or manuscript writing support provided by a subject matter expert. They will help you get the manuscript submission ready.

Step 4: copy editing
Final proofreading and copy editing to further prepare your manuscript before submission to the next journal on the list from (*). 

Step 4: submission
We assume that the author, with help from the expert, submits the fully prepared manuscript to the journal selected. Peerwith Team will contact the journal’s editor and/or provide cover letter, editing certificate, etc, so we increase the chance of success.


Now this Premium service is essentially a service package with dependencies that are managed by Peerwith through our platform. The Premium service level also includes Service Request Satisfaction Insurance and Guarantees.

  • Guarantees: free re-edits and preparation for any next journal (if required). If journal 1 on the list (*) rejects your manuscript, we go back to step 4 and target the second journal.
  • Guarantees: if the manuscript is rejected from all five journals on the list of suggested journals, Peerwith will refund the full amount paid for the service package – 1000 USD.
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