Can I see the list of suggested journals first?

The list of suggested journals is in the Manuscript review report, and will indeed depend on paper quality and subject. It is not possible to have the list before we start the service. The Manuscript review report + list of suggested journals together with your requirements, determine a go / no-go decision after step 2. If no-go, you won’t get published and you will receive your money back. If you don’t want to pay the 1000 USD only to find out it is a no-go after Manuscript review, you can also consider paying for a separate Manuscript review service first (see - 75 USD fixed price). If you want to proceed with Premium publication support after that, we will transfer the budget, so you pay the remaining 925 USD after Manuscript review.


Simply put, if you don’t feel comfortable with the full package now, start with just the Manuscript review and after that, we know more.

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