Why can't I see my requests on the dashboard?

The most likely reason for that is that you have different accounts on Peerwith. We do offer an option to register with just your email, but because we use external authentication services, we ask you to log into either Google, LinkedIn, ORCID or Mendeley. It may be the case that your authentication profile is linked to a different email that you used to sign-up for Peerwith. As the log-in procedure often involves just clicking on one of these providers in the pop-up window, the fact that you are using two different email addresses goes unnoticed. A solution for that is to use an authentication service linked to the email address that your Peerwith account is registered with. 


I followed the Peerwith sign-up procedure and used one of my many email addresses, expert1@hotmail.com. I fill out my profile and post a request. Next time I log in, Peerwith asks me to choose an external authentication service in a pop-up window. I know I have a Google account, so I click on Google. As I never logged out of Google, I don't have to fill in my email or password. Because of this, it does not come to my attention that for Google, I use a different email address: expert1@gmail.com. Once I have clicked on Google, the system creates a new account for me that is empty. It appears as though all my data has been erased, but I am simply not aware of that I now have two accounts. I do not happen to have an external authentication profile linked to expert1@hotmail.com, so I create one on LinkedIn for free and log in on LinkedIn. I log out of Peerwith and log in again. This time, I choose LinkedIn to authenticate myself, which allows me to see all the data I filled out the first time I used Peerwith.

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