Self-service versus full-service, what is that?

Peerwith is a marketplace for researcher services. By default, you will need to deal with the marketplace aspects yourself. This is self-service.

Peerwith as a company, would be happy to add servicelevels on top of that. We do that through our paid-for Subscription plans. You will need a plan in case you:

Alternatively, we offer the entire request management on your behalf. We call this full-service. It means that after we have gathered all the input needed from you and received your manuscript, we will post the request on the marketplace and liaise with experts on your behalf. You will have access to the entire process and can choose to intervene at any time, but this is not an obligation. We can manage your request from start to finish for you with minimal back-and-forth communication required (as we understand how busy you are) until the expert delivers their work. As this form of full service must be tailored to every individual customer's specific needs, there is no fixed fee for it. The fee will be agreed upon during the initial correspondence process. If you would like to request full service, please send us an email to

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