Why is my request flagged as Accepted on my behalf?

We support a policy that a request will only be flagged as Acepted by the client themselves if they are satisfied. However, often of the times, clients tend to not respond as soon as the expert delivers a service. To avoid keeping the experts waiting to be paid out for indefinite periods of time, we developed procedures based on what we see as fair towards the client and the expert. Once a week, we check all the requests that have been flagged as Delivered. If we see that the request has been flagged as Delivered a week ago or longer, and there is no communication from the client, we send the client the first reminder through the platform, asking them to flag the request as Accepted. If after another week we still have no response from the client, we flag the request as Accepted on their behalf. Should the client be unhappy with this arrangement for their specific request, they can always submit a support ticket or send us an email to info@peerwith.com.

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